Sharelov’s new Brand Calendar

We’re launching a beautiful new Brand Calendar, which pulls together all your marketing campaigns’ assets into a unified collaborative planner. Read more

Sharelov’s Multiple Actions feature

If you’re a multitasker (aren’t we all?), you will love this new feature! We’re pumped to announce: Multiple Actions, which allows you to simultaneously run up to 7 editing functions across all the selected posts in a campaign. Ahh, we love you too! Read more

How to create better marketing campaigns with Sharelov’s New Campaign launcher?

The New Campaign launcher allows you to share with your team all the details and supplementary documents needed to set them up for successful campaign development. Read more

Sharelov and To Dos: Better Team Collaboration!

We’re super excited to introduce To Dos, a productivity feature that will give your team Olympic record-breaking speed to get more done. Read more

How Sharelov Makes Social Media Management on LinkedIn

Sharelov's marketing collaboration dashboard helps you easily collaborate with your teammates directly to all the company pages on LinkedIn. Read more